Who we are and what drives us

We are one of the leading Service Design and Design Thinking agencies. We are passionate about developing innovations from which all stakeholders can benefit.

Together with companies, municipalities and organisations we develop innovations that are focused on customers. Our clients achieve the desired social, economic and ecological effects through a consistent focus on their customers and by applying our holistic approach.

To understand customer needs exactly, we dive deep into their environments. On that basis we create services by involving all the important stakeholders, both those within and outside the organisation, throughout the entire development process. We help our clients to position themselves strategically and to maintain consistent development.

What we do and how you can benefit

Together with your organisation we develop innovations that are focused on people and have a social, economic and ecological impact.


We can only face complex social challenges (e.g. inclusion, poverty etc.) effectively if public institutions, social and private organisations as well as the affected people work together closely. By means of in-depth exploration we determine the motivation, desires and needs of all parties.

We involve all the stakeholders as well as experts from a variety of fields on an equal footing. Step by step, we develop a common vision which is never restricted to any particular sectors or disciplines. This is how we initiate both minor and major changes and implement innovative concepts together – well thought through and very efficiently.

  • Planning and leading innovation projects with many stakeholders

Focus on

Your customers’ wishes keep changing – sometimes at a breath-taking pace. Anticipating such changes requires suitable structures, tools and an empathetic working culture which takes customer needs seriously and which is able to respond to those needs with innovative services. For your employees to be able to do this, they need specific skills that we develop together with them – carefully and looking to the long term.

Based on our longstanding experience in the field of people-centred innovations, we develop tools and strategies together with you which exactly meet your requirements. This enables you to shape a sustainable and innovative organisation where people – customers, employees and cooperation partners – and their desires and needs are at the focus of attention.

  • Realising strategic, people-centred development and innovation processes
  • Co-creative development of an innovative organisational and working culture where people come first

reveals hidden

While we are working together, we provide you with our large toolbox of proven and inspiring research methods that we customise and adapt to your particular case. You and your team will be involved – sometimes just observing, sometimes actively participating and asking questions. At the same time, we observe and analyse the processes of your organisation from different points of view and identify important starting points for change.

We enhance the capacity of your employees to empathise with the desires and needs of your customers. Customers give us deep and often surprising insights into their needs. You and your team obtain numerous ideas for innovation by being involved right where the services are used and where new problems as well as new needs arise. You use these insights as a source of inspiration for new services.

  • Qualitative research for strategy development and innovation projects


Social challenges, markets and the needs of human beings keep changing. To remain successful in the years to come, organisations must prepare for these processes in good time. We as Service Designers look at both the objectives of your organisation as well as at the environments of your customers in a holistic way, i.e. taking social, ecological and economic factors into account.

Extensive qualitative research provides you with new insights. Inspiring methods enable your organisation to discover new and economically sustainable areas of operation. With our support you prepare the future at an early stage – for the benefit of your organisation and for the benefit of your customers.

  • Developing service innovations and business models
  • Holding innovation workshops


From the first ideas to their practical implementation, new service concepts pass through numerous stages. At every point along the line we develop prototypes ranging from simple idea sketches on paper to complex simulations. You can determine quickly whether your service innovation meets the needs of your user groups and whether the business model is viable. Regular and informative service prototyping and testing raises your awareness of the details of your concept and makes room for the effective implementation of improvements. You keep costs under control at all times and ensure that each of your activities takes you closer to a result that convinces and inspires your target groups.

  • Developing prototypes and testing services
  • Supporting the implementation of your service innovation

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Innovations that are focused on people require special skills. This is where we start applying our training programmes: Interactive and up-to-date programmes teach you in a systematic and effective way how you and your team can leave the beaten track to find people-centred and innovative solutions and how to put them into practice.

We develop your customised training schemes that suit your requirements and integrate them seamlessly into your organisational processes. And it is important to bear in mind that our training sessions are not only highly effective but also fun: “Fun is not the enemy of work“.

  • Developing training programmes for people-centred innovation
  • Training in the field of Service Design and Design Thinking

How we work

What characterises our activities


Design which is focused on people requires a thorough understanding for the interest groups involved. This is why we dive deep into their environments and explore their different attitudes, needs, desires and motivations.


The best solutions are those to which all the stakeholders can relate. From the very beginning, we use their diverse experiences to develop and design together.


Good ideas don’t stop at the boundaries of departments and sectors. We bring many fields of expertise together – this enables us to facilitate and launch effective innovation.


Change is a source of rich and untapped potential. We grasp economic, technological, social and ecological changes as opportunities – for innovation that has a positive effect on society.


Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to progress. Loops in the project stages and beyond deepen our common knowledge of processes and concepts.


Quick and simple prototypes often show more than elaborate concepts. Taking a project from analysis mode to the level of a creative solution means experimenting, testing and doing things together.

How we proceed