WHEN YOU aim at creating innovative and useful solutions, the first task is to understand the needs of the people. That’s why we dive deep into your customers’ environments and on that basis we create holistic concepts that involve all the important stakeholders in the entire development process. We are one of the leading Service Design and Design Thinking agencies in Germany and have been working on innovative solutions for our clients for more than ten years.

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Service Design: An effective Approach

We develop innovation – for and with people.


We make complex social challenges tangible and bring stakeholders from all sectors together. We develop innovations that bring about minor and major changes – together and across disciplinary boundaries.

Focus on

Sustainable services for people can only be created in an empathetic working culture. We support you on the way and enable you to develop innovative strategies and services.

reveals hidden

The real needs and desires of your target group are often hidden from view. Discover innovation potential where you would least expect it with the aid of inspirational research methods.


Sustainable organisations see social transformation processes as opportunities. We help you to understand what needs are arising for your customers from this process of change – and we discover new business areas together.


Innovative services require the investment of time and money. With the help of elaborate service prototyping and service testing you will obtain the information you need to protect your organisation from financial risks at an early stage.

can be

Service Design requires specific, learnable skills and abilities. We train your team to apply our methods with joy and enthusiasm.


What we are currently doing and what we’ve been working on lately.

Efficiently counteracting energy poverty

Commisioned by E.ON Germany

For the affected households, energy-related debts and electricity cut-offs are drastic events. They are indicative of a complex social issue and therefore demand integrated solutions. Finding these solutions requires energy suppliers, counselling agencies and job centres to cooperate closely – and that is what we want to achieve with this project.

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Our Team

We look after your innovations – in an interdisciplinary, cooperative and personal way.

„Daniela wants to empower socially disadvantaged people and help them to discover and use their own resources. Working together with them, she wants to develop new solutions and put them into practice.“More about Daniela

Daniela Beyerle


„Martin loves to see people and organisations addressing a task collectively and putting efficient concepts into operation. He is convinced that this must involve all the different perspectives as well as the expertise of all stakeholders.“More about Martin

Martin Beyerle


„Jan is persuaded that social and economically viable solutions which sustainably improve people’s lives can be developed from current trends in society and technology. When working on concepts, the question as to their viability under real-world conditions is always at the forefront of his mind.“More about Jan

Jan Schröder


„Andrea thinks that you need to ask yourself and others the right questions in order to gain decisive insights – a vital prerequisite for inspiring innovations.“More about Andrea

Andrea Böer

Service Designer

„Manuel is constantly creating exciting new interrelationships from the fields of Design Thinking, Interaction Design, and videography, making sure that they enhance and vitalize co-creative projects.“More about Manuel

Manuel Krings

Service & Interaction Designer